Monday, February 11, 2013

Moses, a Courageous Leader

Moses was no doubt a courageous leader, and above all, he stood for what was right no matter what.

When God asked him to do things that didn't  make sense, he did them anyhow. When God told him to talk to people, he did and didn't ask WHY.

Moses was one of the few that God directed to lead, and despite the climate, he followed through.

So, why is it that although he led the Israelites, they still didn't  listen? Why didn't they do what he asked them to do?

Moses had a life worth studying, and he is a great example of what we should be today, whether God is leading us to or away from something. Let's talk about your possible path across the Red Sea.

God Calls Each of Us to be a Courageous Leader 

There is no doubt that each of us has a gift, a true calling, a high calling  at best. It's always a high calling when God is involved. While some may disagree, it's always about what we measure against  God's Word, and nothing less. 

Moses was courageous, not always because he led the people of Israel  into territory they had to fight for, but because Moses did what God asked him to, even if he believed he wasn't equipped. At one point Moses told God that he wasn't an eloquent speaker, and his brother Aaron was to go to the Pharoah and ask that the people be freed. 

He did, but it would have been a more powerful story in our minds had Moses just asked God for the words to say. Right? In our humanness, we forget that God doesn't need our help, nor does he need for us to lean on other human beings. 

God sends us those that he knows will be strong for us, prayer partners and more. God is interested inn our ability to stand in faith, and not feel that we have to be alone in any battle or journey we face. Did you know that you have no reason to fear? 

What is your Red Sea that you MUST cross? 

While it may seem as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there really is. All you need to do is step out on faith, Even if you feel as though there is only just enough light for the step you are on! 

When you have fear, get courage, and then you will know that it's time for you to FEAR NOT.

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