Friday, February 15, 2013

Franklin D Roosevelt a Courageous Leader

Franklin D Roosevelt might be the last person you were thinking of today, but he was one of the men that came up on our list over and over again for being a picture of courage that would never die. Not only was he a President of our country, but he was a President that represented many different types of people. 

FDR, what so many called him for short, could relate to the individual that felt they had nothing to offer, simply because he had a disability. The truth is, the only disability that any of us ever have, is when we just choose not to try! 

So, what about him was so amazing that it had people talking? He led our country through what many viewed as a country wide disability with a big economic disaster, and it's the underlying lesson that you may not see that we are going to share today that really matters most when it comes to courage! 

The Strength of Franklin D Roosevelt 

Franklin D Roosevelt was a dominant leader for the Democratic party, and not to mention he was one of the strongest ever noted. It was his strength that showed the American people why he should have been elected to multiple terms, and he certainly was. While it seems today's choices run for two terms, once it's over, there isn't enough of a lasting impression to get re-elected. 

Could that perhaps be the one missing building block of our culture as to why we feel that we don't have sufficient leadership or courage to make the big decisions for our country? The votes of the American people have spoken, and these days perhaps they have NOT spoken well. 

See, it used to be that a leader could be easily detected, and leaders were ones that made decisions with discretion. today, decisions are made flippantly, and with very little thought. Major decisions are being made by folks that have very little life or leadership experience. 

Sad wouldn't you say? 

This is why Franklin D Roosevelt was chosen as a profile in courage. Not only was he a great decision maker, but he had a great wife that stood by him, and because he was bound to a wheelchair he could relate to so many people at the same time. He understood pain, and he knew how to deal with it.  

Could it be that because he learned this on a personal level that he was able to identify with this on many levels for the country's sake? 

Now that you know more about this President, can you see why he was elected multiple times? If you were to read his biography, you could learn more about him and his personal life and why he was such a favorite. 

Study Americans that are known for their courage, and follow their example. I hope that you enjoyed reading this, and just remember that it's always best to live courageously!

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