Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Courage Unconditional Love?

The question of the day is this; is unconditional love the same as courage? Hmmm, great question right?

Unconditional love is a touchy subject. Sad, but true. However, unconditional love is always right.

Whether you are talking about your spouse or children if you truly love someone, you love them unconditionally.

So, when you look at your spouse, do you love them? Are you in love with them? There is a difference, but love is always right too.

However, what would it take for you to say no to their love?

The Book of Hosea Spells Courage 

If courage is the same as unconditional love, then it's time for us to have a serious talk. It is courageous to love someone regardless of what they have done, and that ends up being a long list. So, do you have the Hosea kind of courage

If you have never read the book of Hosea, you need to. In fact, let's take it a step further. The prophet Hosea was courageous in that he loved his wife even though he knew that she was a prostitute. He loved her, and God commanded Hosea to go back and get her even though she went back into the brothel. 

The truth is, God asked Hosea to do something that not many people would do, and Hosea followed through with love. He went in and paid the price for her, and took her home, loving her no different than he ever loved her. 

I am sure his heart hurt for knowing that she was with other men, but he wanted her, he loved her so much, he had to go back and get her, no matter what she had done, and he loved her unconditionally. 

Wouldn't it take a great deal of courage in this day and age to do that? You bet it would, no doubt. This is no easy feat. 

I don't know if I could honestly say the same for loving my husband, knowing he had slept with 20 women. Let's face it a brothel is loaded with customers all of the time. The number 20 could be a small number, don't you think? 

So, do you have courage?

Just remember that when you are thinking about giving up on someone, whether it be your spouse or your children, do you have the courage it takes to love them? 

Live courageously! 

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