Tuesday, February 12, 2013

George Washington a Profile in Courage

George Washington might be known for his presidency, however, he is also highly regarded for his courage.

Perhaps Washington is known for his courage in battle, but that probably doesn't surprise you. So, if people believe that George Washington is courageous, what is he really standing for?

There is no doubt that he is one of the greatest presidents of all time, but when Washington and courage end up in the same sentence, what is it all about?

Let's talk about his role in the military, and why his courage was so evident, and how he can be a great example to us today.

Learning from George Washington

What better figure to talk about when it comes to courage than George Washington? He was our first President, but he was also young when he went to battle in the French and Indian War. 

Every American citizen knows the name, and if they don't, then I would question their love of this country. Not because of Washington, but the history. Knowing more about my country causes me to reflect on how thankful I am to be here, live here, and still have the freedoms I have today. 

Washington is to be respected as he held various positions in leadership, and not just in military but in government as well. He has been called, the "Father of the Nation", and with his leadership, would it be safe to say that we would do well to model after him?

He was not a man of control as many leaders are today, and he had the courage to instill in others what was right, and try to enforce them to do what was right. When it comes to discipline this is the only point in time when Washington took matters into his own hands. Call it crazy, but I call it courageous. 

So, when others want you to do something, and you want to do right but they don't support you, what will you do? It is better to do what you think God would have you to do, and if you aren't prepared, then don't step forward. 

The world will listen to you what you say, and the world will watch every move you make. So, the question is, are you ready? Will you speak for what is right and good? Better yet, are you ashamed to dress in a way that reflects that? 

If you want to know more about how you can be courageous, and share your courage with others, CLICK HERE now. 

Above all, always live courageously! 

Courageous Life 

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