Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Victoria Cross for Lance Corporal James Ashworth

Today, the news was releases that Lance Corporal James Ashworth would receive the Victoria Cross Award for protecting his men in Afghanistan. This award is only given to the most courageous of men, and it's an award only given to soldiers in the UK.

The award has only been given 10 times since the Second World War, so it isn't taken lightly. This battle occured inside a compound that was being held by the Taliban, an extremist religious group in Afghanistan believed to be behind many acts of terrorism in America and abroad.

With a religious group so fierce, isn't it time that we took a stand against them completely? If we know where they worship, and intelligence tells us where they reside, why is it that we permit them to continue to do these heinous acts?

What does it take for us to get more behind our country and our allies versus giving in and being tolerant of those that are openly committing to being associated with the Taliban among other related religious groups just like it?

What the Victoria Cross Means

If you study the history of this award, the Victoria Cross, you can easily see that this award is given to those that stand "in the face of the enermy". This medal is above all others, but note, "in the face of the enermy". Folks, what are we doing being tolerant of those that wish to kill those in our country and our allies that take a stand for our freedoms?

Why are we tolerant of those groups that support the hatred and violence of these countries? Furthermore, why do we have a President that supports this type of behavior and cancels our programs for it? We are not called to be "tolerant" but we are called to be "courageous". We are called to be "set apart", and we are called to be more by the grace of God. 

I am not saying that there shouldn't be religious freedom, but when a group exhibits beliefs that are not in line with our countries social acceptance, and they are steeped in another country's religious culture with:
  1. Hatred
  2. Violence
  3. Human sacrifice
  4. Lack of love 

There is no place for it! Those of you that are Christians, do you recognized that God asks nothing of us? He loves us, and God the Father sent His Son to die for us. Christianity is wrapped in love, giving with the ultimate sacrifice. Wouldn't you say that this picture I just painted for you is what is worthy of the standing "in the face of the enemy"? 

How amazing that this Victoria Cross is super symbolic of what we stand for. If there is any doubt look it up, and read more about this young man and the history of this medal. This my friends is what living courageously is all about! 

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