Monday, November 18, 2013

Demi Lovato and Her Thoughts on Bullying

If you didn't catch GMA (Good Morning America) this morning, you missed out on what Demi Lovato had to say about her life, experiencing bullying, drug abuse,  and how she chose to make her life better.

Demi was on GMA this morning to share insight into her new book "Staying Strong" and where the heart of it came from, and how it has helped get her message out about her struggles to help others. Demi wrote the book as a way of encouraging her fans that have faced similar issues in life.

Her battle with depression was just one of the challenges, but her use of drugs to cope with it was leading her down another path; a path not so bright. In fact, even Demi testifies to the fact that her past was somewhat dark.

Being in the spotlight she knows that most people assume her life has been so much different, and in most ways better than hers just because she's a pop star. The shocker for most young girls is hearing that Demi faced a lot of bullying growing up.

She wasn't popular and she wasn't unlike most teen girls struggling with eating disorders, drugs, and alcohol. Her mission is simple; to help others. In her own mind even at a young age, she believed that those that bullied her did so because they were unhappy with something in their own lives.

As a result, she took the time to reach out to the young woman that was bullying her, and found out that this young woman was struggling just as much as she was. Demi says that her bully personality was her outlet of letting out the pain, and a way of crying out to ask for help.

Have you been bullied? If so, are you courageous enough to take this something bad and turn it into something good? At Courageous Life, we believe that everyone needs a helping hand, some encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

We welcome folks from all walks of life, and we know that all of you have a story to tell. We invite you to help us help others, and to make a difference. We want to promote more anti-bullying efforts, and we would love for you to join us in this endeavor.

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Live Courageously!

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