Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Manny Scott and His Motivational Message to Children

If you don't know who Manny Scott is, chances are you'll hear about his motivational message to children before the year's end. Recently, Scott set out on a mission to share his message to encourage children that are being raised in neighborhoods stricken with poverty.

Not only is Scott on a mission, but he sheds new light on the message about poverty, and where the root of it really comes from. The message is that it's really the access to people that can help you make positive change in your life. That isn't specific to any race or particular neighborhood unless you allow it to be.

Scott tells his personal story about how beautiful his family was, but they were lost to drugs and alcohol. Growing up in Long Beach, California might sound glamorous but for him it wasn't when he was living with these family issues and living homeless.

Missing nearly 90 days of school each year between elementary and high school, Scott was merely roaming the streets, believing that there was no hope for him, and no life beyond what he was living. At the young age of 14, Scott dropped out, and his best friend was murdered.

One day, Scott was sitting on a park bench, when a stranger sat down beside him and engaged him in conversation about turning his life around. Would you say that this stranger was possibly an angel? Quite possibly, but what is so amazing is what happened after this. No doubt, he was overdue for a motivational message.

Scott ended up in the classroom of Erin Gruwell, the teacher made famous in the movie "Freedom Writers". If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. This movie isn't just about teaching English, but it's about a teacher that chose unconventional teaching methods to reach her students, turning them into college bound students that developed a passion for both reading and writing.

Because Gruwell took the time to reach out to her students, show them love and help them build their skills, she was instrumental in doing more than she could have ever imagined, especially in the life or Manny Scott.

This is what courage is. It's not being afraid to share your motivational message, especially when you have something to offer. There could be no better way to help others change their lives than to reach out and teach them something of value.

Are you willing to reach out and help others? Are you willing to do what is necessary to encourage another and motivate others too? If you have a "motivational message", we want to know! You can leave a comment below, and you can also connect with us on Facebook by going HERE!

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