Friday, November 15, 2013

Fresh Inspiration from Who I Run 4

If you need a little inspiration today, then check out what this organization is doing to help special needs children. Who I Run 4 is a unique organization that pairs runners with children with special needs.

Even if you feel it's tough to find the motivation to exercise, think again. These children will change everything for you, and how you feel about exercising. Nothing is stopping them from getting in their runs!

The best part is that this organization also offers these special needs children the chance to have runners run for them when they cannot. Should a child wish to participate in a charity race or some other event, they can have someone run for them.

Truly, it would give you the motivation to run for a young child that wishes they could, am I right? The founder Tim Boyle, started this organization when he connected with a man with Down Syndrome and a crippling hip condition that prevents him from doing much of anything in terms of exercise.

Boyle had posted a photo for his upcoming run in a 5K, and this gentleman with Down Syndrome commented on it. When this man, Michael Wasserman commented on Boyle's photo, he simply said, "You can run for me anytime, Tim!"

That comment stuck with Boyle, and as a result he got the idea to start this organization to get folks to do just that and run on behalf of others.

To date, more than 3,000 matches have been made and it's encouraging more people to participate and get them motivated to move! Can you say inspiration? Take it a step further, and let's take a closer look at how these runners communicate the children they run for.

Runners post letters on Facebook, photos of medals they have won for them, and these runners are also wearing t-shirts with the children's names on them. Does it get more touching than that? Boyle's only concern was that he would have tons of kids looking for runners to connect with, but instead the turnout for runners looking for children surpassed what he ever thought would happen.

This is truly an inspiration, and it's something we can all learn from in how we can help others still live out a dream or get encouragement through an alternative idea. It's simply amazing. Would you pair up with a child if you were approached about an opportunity like this?

Don't wait for "nspiration" to find you; be courageous and go out there and get it!

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