Thursday, November 14, 2013

LGBT Inmates in Texas County to Get Special Protection

Recently, an announcement was made that a Texas county was planning to grant special protection to LGBT inmates in one of it's prisons.

This comes as no surprise as there has been a lot of talk surrounding the LGBT community and the need for resolution on many topics.

While some of you may frown on this just because you don't live the same lifestyle or have the same preferences.

I want you to consider how sad it is that anyone would need special protection in a prison cell. Think about it for a second; prison?

Who has the right in prison to judge another human being? Nevermind the fact that judging others is wrong all around, it certainly doesn't seem right for an inmate to hurt another just because they have a different sexual orientation.

Who in a prison cell is ever justified? We are NEVER to pass judgment on other people, but it just seemed so odd to me to find that an inmate would want to hurt another simply because they live a different life. It never made sense to me that an individual's choice to love differently would cause fear in anyone. Hmmm.

These LGBT inmates have obviously had their share of struggles with this very issue in prison. They have been open about who they are, they choose to be authentic, yet they are being judged horribly by others that have killed others and who knows what else.

It just doesn't make sense.

Thankfully, this law being passed will prohibit inmates from having just cause to hurt another based upon their sexual preference. The same goes for anyone that works in the prison too. There will be no toleration of injuring another or even speaking ill of another simply because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

It's time that got real about this issue and stop the discrimination. It's never okay to discriminate, and it's never okay to physically or verbally abuse someone because of the choices they have made.

Houston has the third largest jail, after Los Angeles and Chicago's Cook County. It seems that all three of these prisons have had to take a hard look at what is happening behind bars with their inmates. I say, "It's about time."

It's time to be courageous, and take a stand for our LGBT inmates. Rather than passing judgment or allowing them to suffer at the hands of others, let all of them be safe and treated equally. These are people, some with lost souls that could use some encouragement, direction, guidance, and most of all a love that transcends what man has to offer.

Be Courageous!

PS-How do you feel about the issue with "LGBT inmates" and what they face? We would love for you to leave a comment below!

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