Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

Where does your motivation come from? If you were to take a look within yourself, where would it lead you? Your answer is different from mine I am sure of it, and not to mention that it's okay. :-)

Each of us have our own likes, dislikes, and of course getting up in the morning. What is it that drives you? Loving another? Taking care of your family? Living your best life each day! If you are creative, then it could be something you are doing to use your talents that makes you get up each day and go at it again.

The key to this is "what is your WHY?" You need something to drive you in life, otherwise you can really lose sight of your purpose, and thus end up feeling less than the light that you truly are. If you were take just a moment and think about all of the things you love to do and those you've inspired before, what comes to mind first?

Your motivation daily is what drives you to be or not to be, and that is the question. Is it getting your bonus check? Hopefully it's something a bit deeper, because a lot of people are driven by getting a paycheck and monetary gifts.

It's time that each of us take a deeper look inside as to how we can contribute to the lives of others, and how we can bring positive change to the lives of others. Can you help others meet a need in their lives? If you are able, why not see to it that others are getting their basic needs met, and perhaps it's time to give to those that are less fortunate.

The holidays aren't that far off, and with that in mind it's time for you to consider how you can help others live their best life. It's time to remove the focus from you and join those that are living courageously. Does this shed light on changing your motivation?

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