Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Does Motivational Apparel Really Empower Women?

From time to time we talk about motivational apparel and how it may or may not help people. Some folks think motivational t shirts are great, and others don't seem to think much about them at all.

However, we have shared a few stories with you about this topic, and interestingly enough, we are NOT the only ones that think it works and is a worthwhile endeavor.

In fact, if you have been following our blog for awhile you probably read about the tshirts worn by runners, and those that were being sold by the gal that posted fortune cookie messages on tshirts.

Simply genius.

Now, we are hearing about an endeavor to help empower women through motivational apparel, and it's catching on folks. This "Kickstarter Campaign" is what many women have been waiting for from Neva. So, what is this all about?

Motivational Apparel by Neva 

Just in case you are wondering, Neva isn't the latest sportswear brand like Under Armour, but it stands for:
Nicole + Geneva. The founder, Sacha Nana started this company due to the inspiration she got from her nieces.

Sacha wanted it to be stylish, but also to employ women from South Asia. The motivational apparel is hand-stitched by women only, employing women that would otherwise have no work. As a result, these women are getting a bit liberated, earning nearly 10 times what they would with a standard job in their country.

It's not just the apparel we think about, but the opportunity the apparel creates. It's life giving in that it is giving these women a purpose, and a sense of being able to provide for their children. That is pretty amazing, and it's powerful for those of us that take our work for granted.

In our endeavor to help inspire you and encourage you each day, we want to offer you the chance right now to check out our motivational apparel that we offer, especially right now during the holiday season.

You can click HERE to view our selection of hats, decals, t shirts and more, and you can also check out the rest of our site to find out how we are helping to empower all people. We hope that we can encourage  and inspire you to do better, to do more, and that you'll be touched by what you find in our motivational apparel here at Courageous Life!.

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